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The Typical Restaurant App Development Process

There are three principal options available when considering restaurant mobile app development:




There is a natural evolution for the successful restaurant or chain from one option to the next, though there are examples of restaurants skipping the first step (or even first two steps) below in the evolution to gain a competitive advantage:

Off-the-Shelf Solutions

Opting for Off-the-Shelf restaurant app solutions like those offered by Punchh & Paytronix is a way to enter the app space quickly and economically. However, this approach to restaurant app development is constrained in terms of functionality. Interactions between customers and your brand, loyalty programs, and promotions are limited and standardized. The user interface, although branded with your logo and colors, is virtually identical to every other app produced by the providers, leaving little room for further customization.

Hybrid Restaurant App Development Solutions

Hybrid solutions provide a compromise: They still utilize the operational capabilities and data flows from providers like Punchh & Paytronix, but they let restaurant app developers build custom front-end design and experience. This approach creates a uniquely branded experience that can resonate more profoundly with customers, offering a middle ground between off-the-shelf and full customization.

Custom Restaurant App Solutions

For those looking for a fully distinctive app experience, Custom solutions offer a complete shift away from standard guest experience platforms like Punchh & Paytronix. This approach to restaurant app development allows for a fully customized customer and operational experience, enabling the creation of an app that is tailored to the unique essence of your brand.

Which Type Of Restaurant Mobile App Development Is Right For You?


Appropriate ForLoyalty FunctionalityBrand ExpressionQuality of User ExperienceCustomizabilityPrice
1-15 LocationsLowLowLowLowLow


Appropriate ForLoyalty FunctionalityBrand ExpressionQuality of User ExperienceCustomizabilityPrice
15-50 LocationsLowHighHighMediumMedium


Appropriate ForLoyalty FunctionalityBrand ExpressionQuality of User ExperienceCustomizabilityPrice
50+ LocationsHighHighHighHighHigh

Hybrid App Integration Partners

For those restaurants looking to take the hybrid approach to restaurant mobile app development, we’ve worked with a number of guest experience/loyalty platforms to create front-end mobile experiences powered by their back-end technology:

POS Integration Partners

No matter which POS provider you’re currently using, it’s likely we’ve integrated their technology into an app experience before:

A Restaurant App Development Company with Experience

Black Rifle Coffee

We created a custom loyalty platform for use on web and mobile along with re-development of the website and apps. This new platform helped increase repeat order by 15%.

MGM International

MGM International was seeking restaurant app developers that could assist on the strategy, design and development of the MGM International app (serving all 22 of their hotel casinos). A main pain point we helped solve was ordering room service across a multitude of on-property restaurants. Our work increased average order sizes by 22%.

Selected Projects

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Stacey BendetCreatively

“Studio’s design and development capabilities are the best in the biz! They are creative, hard working, organized and extremely detail oriented. They finished every project on time and on budget and I would consider it an honor to work with them again in the future.”

Naj AustinSomewhere Good

“Studio accelerated our development efforts and delivered a high quality product to market faster. They were collaborative with our product and design teams, great communicators, and guided prioritization to ensure we built features that resonate with users most.”

Rocky CollisMustard

“Simply put, we needed a great teammate to take us to the next level and Studio was just that. With significant and varied experience designing and developing for the current state of mobile, they are smart A players in their respective areas of expertise.”

Chloe HarroucheThe Lanby

“Working with Studio has exceeded all of our expectations. They have blown us away at every turn with their diligent work ethic, unique point of view, and adaptability. We feel so grateful to have met Studio early on and to have them as part of our founding team.”