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Digital transformation is a process that’s focused on integrating technology throughout business operations to drive growth or cut costs.

Every company's digital transformation strategy should be unique, with each step based on individual business needs. For some, this could look like bolstering supply chain efficiency by leveraging the power of IoT (Internet of Things) technology. For others, it’s constructing proprietary Large Language Models (LLMs) to improve customer support efficiency while simultaneously enhancing the quality of customer service

COVID-19 only served to accelerate digital transformation across industries, propelling digitized product adoption forward by an average of 7 years.

Average share of products and/or services that are partially or fully digitized, %

Years ahead of the average rate of adoption from 2017 to 2019

Covid - 19 crisis

Average share of products and/or services that are partially or fully digitized, %

Years ahead of the average rate of adoption from 2017 to 2019

Covid - 19 crisis


7 years


It’s not just about competitors and chasing trends

there are many benefits of partnering with digital transformation consultants for driving smart, confident growth in your own company. For example


Using AI has been shown to improve employee productivity by 66%


Offering personalized experiences to customers by accessing more data can boost ROI by 5x-8x


66% of IT leaders in business identified improved IT operational efficiency as a top benefit of digital transformation

The principles of digital transformation that we follow

At the core of our digital transformation agency lies a set of principles that shape every decision we make

Change with purpose

We welcome change, and it’s always rooted in a clear strategy.

End-user focus

Transformation is guided by the end-user. Their experience illuminates our path.

Agility in action

Our methods are agile, allowing us to adapt quickly and effectively.

Unending learning

We are a digital transformation company that instills a culture where continuous learning and innovation aren't just buzzwords—they're daily practices.

Cybersecurity and data privacy

These aren't afterthoughts; they're foundational to everything we do.

Purposeful technology

We believe technology should serve business objectives, not dictate them.

Relevant experience

Love what you find

QVC parent company QRG (also owners of HSN) had the problem of an aging customer base and the need to attract a younger demographic. We created a Gen Z-centric platform that helped increase that customer base 3x within 6 months of launch.

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QVC Live Shopping Mobile App

By women, for women

Women’s fashion brand alice & oliva needed a solution to attract a younger audience and improve revenue. With the live event functionality we created, alice + olivia produced 4x revenue generated per minute from Live shopping vs. traditional online shopping.

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Alice + Olivia Live Shopping SDK integration

What a digital transformation journey looks like with Studio

When you partner with Studio as your digital transformation consultants, you're not just securing a service—you're tapping into a reservoir of seasoned expertise. Every member of our team has over 15 years of experience in crafting premier digital products. With this wealth of experience, we create and transform digital products, faster.

Our Process


At Studio, we're dedicated to crafting a resilient and future-proof digital transformation strategy that positions you at the forefront of your industry.

Operational evolution

We modernize dated business processes. At the same time, we facilitate the migration from legacy systems to modern solutions, ensuring a seamless transition. A core component of our approach is introducing agility and a culture of “start-up-like” experimentation into your business operations.

Agile integration

Adopting a lean startup approach, our method revolves around the Lean Start-Up build, measure, learn cycle. This ensures your business undergoes rapid and data-driven transformations.

Tech foundations

We are a digital transformation company that prioritizes creating digital foundations that are both modular and adaptable. With us, you're never restricted to a single tech avenue, providing flexibility for (inevitable) future tech shifts.

Change management

Our strategy ensures alignment at the leadership level, forging a cohesive vision for your digital transformation journey. Furthermore, we are deeply committed to training your workforce, enhancing their skillset and fostering an environment of knowledge exchange.

Stacey BendetCreatively

“Studio’s design and development capabilities are the best in the biz! They are creative, hard working, organized and extremely detail oriented. They finished every project on time and on budget and I would consider it an honor to work with them again in the future.”

Naj AustinSomewhere Good

“Studio accelerated our development efforts and delivered a high quality product to market faster. They were collaborative with our product and design teams, great communicators, and guided prioritization to ensure we built features that resonate with users most.”

Rocky CollisMustard

“Simply put, we needed a great teammate to take us to the next level and Studio was just that. With significant and varied experience designing and developing for the current state of mobile, they are smart A players in their respective areas of expertise.”

Chloe HarroucheThe Lanby

“Working with Studio has exceeded all of our expectations. They have blown us away at every turn with their diligent work ethic, unique point of view, and adaptability. We feel so grateful to have met Studio early on and to have them as part of our founding team.”

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