UX Audit & Redesign

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Project Overview
Alice + Olivia
Retail, E-commerce, Streaming Video
Strategy, Product Design

Our Project Goals

Alice + Olivia partnered with us to audit and improve their existing women’s e-commerce experience.

Our mission was to ensure best retail practices, frictionless UI/UX, and a newly crafted design language that could easily scale across the core user journey.

The relationship between stylists and clients at Alice + Olivia provided an additional opportunity to leverage our proprietary streaming technology for video on demand sessions and live gatherings focused on segmented audiences and targeted content.


UX Audit

During the UX audit, our team was tasked with finding the ideal balance of tried and true e-commerce best practices that users are accustomed to, with innovative shopping features to enhance the experience.

Our work focused on PLP discoverability, improved search and filtering, homepage marketing flexibility, initiating a return, and the fastest checkout possible.

Oversized imagery
Unbalanced padding
Small icons
Legibility issues
Responsive and scalable imagery
Tidied padding for more content
Sticky CTA for purchase
Clear and actionable icons
Improved contrast
My Fit

Studio designed a My Fit preferences page for signed in users, as a result of a thorough competitive review and a deepdive on understanding reasons for customer hesitation prior to purchase.

These preferences ensure that repeat customers save time in the search and add to cart stage by having tailored views of product options based on sizing settings.

Live Shopping

Our LIVE streaming SDK provides a video player directly on the Alice + Olivia website for live and on-demand events, and includes a video library and CMS backend to handle scheduling, event imagery, tagged shoppable product cards, and analytics.

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UI Comment Chat Bar
UI Featured Product Card
A + Body
Revised Checkout Experience

Mobile checkout is a major channel for conversion and Alice + Olivia’s existing experience was cumbersome. During our redesign we built a status indicator for our stepped checkout approach, cleaner input fields, guest checkout, and quick select payment methods.