A/B Testing & App Analytics Services

Do not bring a product to market without the ability to view, measure, and gain insight from analytic data.

What does mobile app analytics integration & A/B testing mean at Studio?

Implementing mobile app analytics tools and data tracking schemas ensure you can understand critical product data: customer acquisition funnels, engagement metrics, churn, retention, and lifetime value. We’ll establish key north star metrics and avoid overwhelming your organization with unactionable data.

A/B testing, offered when products reach a scale where they can be meaningfully performed, allows us to test hypotheses: e.g., copy, design, navigation, functional components, pricing, offers, or even entire product lines.

Our Analytics Implementation Process:


Working together we establish the key north star metrics for your product and industry.


Based on stage and highest value, we assist in focusing your tracking efforts on the right events and triggers.


Our app analytics services include tTechnical implementation of pixels, tags and dashboards by our team.


We’ll work with your team to establish a regular cadence for reviewing analytics data and measurements.


As we grow we’ll make changes, additions and updates to your mobile app analytics stack.

Types of App Analytics Services

Product Event Analytics

Robust profiles of event types and properties crafted specifically for your product’s engagement actions create meaningful product usage data to learn from. Points of friction for users are uncovered by understanding their journey through your product.

Conversion Funnels & Attribution

All products require an ability to view detailed performance regarding their customer acquisition, drop-off, and marketing performance data. We provide this for all channels.

Business Dashboards

Mobile app analytics integration can be overwhelming. Translating data from multiple tools and internal product databases allows us to build highly actionable dashboards.

A/B & Multivariate Testing

Supporting A/B testing programs and high-volume testing at scale, we can implement the correct tools for making continuous product improvement a reality.

Cross-Platform Analytics Services

Complex products with data shared across applications requires the joining of data to create robust analytics insights that make sense across multiple platforms or digital products.

Data Warehousing & Advanced Analytics

The time comes when all businesses reach a scale where they need central data storage or advanced customer data CRMs – we can help tackle these complex problems.

Customer Experience Platform Integration

One important way to make use of analytics implementation is to power a customer experience platform that is able to deliver custom elements or communications to users based on their behavior within the product: offers via text message, abandon cart notifications via email, new follower notifications via in-app notifications.

Common Analytic Implementation Tools:

Data Warehousing

Google Firebase




Salesforce Data Cloud

Adobe Experience Cloud

Product Analytics & A/B Testing

Google Analytics



Triple Whale

Customer Experience


One Signal




Relevant App Analytics Service Experience


A suite of web and mobile app analytics tools and dashboards for Creatively including dashboards, event tags, and attribution tools. This helped Creatively understand where users were coming from and engagement across mobile applications and the web.


Ecommerce and product usage analytics for streaming videos within Refer allowed us to optimize purchase conversion funnels resulting in a 2x improvement in sales.

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“Studio’s design and development capabilities are the best in the biz! They are creative, hard working, organized and extremely detail oriented. They finished every project on time and on budget and I would consider it an honor to work with them again in the future.”

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