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Project Overview
By Studio
Shoppable video, Content creation, E-commerce
2021 - Present
Tech Stack
Shopify, iOS, React, PostgreSQL, Django, Python, Express, NodeJS, MySQL

Our Project Goals

Refer enables rapid content generation by any creator approved to sell on behalf of a brand.

Using Refer, brand ambassadors can create short form video with time stamped products. Upon publishing, Refer generates a shoppable video to be distributed through any marketing channel.

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Personalized, Rapid Content Creation

Refer’s content creation tool is lightweight

Pick an existing video or record a quick try on, tag and timestamp products from the brand catalogue, and publish. Rapid creation allows creators to personalize content for segmented audiences to ensure a more effective sale.


Distributed Storefronts

Saving videos on Refer generates a standalone PDP with shoppable video, allowing any seller to become their own e-commerce retailer in seconds and developing a network of personalized and distributed storefronts, accessible to the seller’s community.

Multiple Consumer Touch Points

Instantly share shoppable video optimized for all devices across major platforms including SMS and Email to create monetizable touchpoints for customers.

UI displaying the published video screen of the Refer iOS application allowing a user to share the link to the video

Clear ROAS

Align economics of brand-influencer relationships by enabling brand ambassadors to drive brand revenue and share in the upside with commission set by the brand. No more paying for social real estate without a clear indicator of ROAS.

Simple bar chart showing the ROAS from using Refer