Introducing ‘Checkout Upsell by Studio’ - Our Latest Shopify Application

Introducing ‘Checkout Upsell by Studio’ - Our Latest Shopify Application

Checkout Upsell by Studio is the latest Shopify app inspired by problems we’ve encountered working on our partner’s stores and brands. While there are no shortage of upsell applications in the Shopify marketplace, we wanted to offer a simple replacement for Shopify Plus stores that were still using legacy checkout code snippets to finally upgrade to a checkout extensibility application that presents clear, compelling upsells on store checkouts.

Set Checkout Conditions, and Choose Upsell Type

For us, it should be (almost) that simple. Want to add an upsell to your checkout pages (including your Shop app checkout)? Set a checkout condition, and then choose what type of upsell you want to display there. To start, we’re meeting the needs of our partners that have asked for this – so for checkout conditions, we’re launching with one – display an upsell when there is only one item in cart. And for upsell types, similarly – we’re keeping it simple to start (but with room to grow). Our first upsell option is ‘Buy two get one free’.

Why these options? We know our customers need them, and they’ve been used successfully to generate thousands in revenue without overburdening complexity. When you install Checkout Upsell by Studio for now, you’re installing a specific upsell – displaying an option to buy two and get one free to purchasers that are currently only buying one item.

If you’re looking for more complicated upsell options or cart conditions, we’d love to hear from you.

Simple Improvements on the Upsell Experience

We wanted to ensure we also supported some quality-of-life improvements on the upsells created by Checkout Upsell by Studio, so we’ve also provided support for the following:

  • You can set to never duplicate products in the upsell module that are already in the cart.
  • You can choose a collection for which the products recommended in the upsell are limited to.
  • You can see clear, simple analytics based on how many times the upsell has been displayed, clicked, and how much revenue it has generated for your store.
  • No confusing per use pricing – a simple, easy to plan for monthly cost ($12.99, to start).

The Checkout Upsell by Studio Roadmap

Outside of that, everything we add to Checkout Upsell by Studio will come from your requests on better, easier to understand and gain value from upsells. We see a roadmap that includes more cart conditions and upsell types, multiple upsell options active at any given time, historical analytics and upsell A/B testing – but for now, we’re happy to offer a valuable, inexpensive option for stores that are looking to improve their AOV, customer LTV and revenue.

If you’re curious about how we approached building Checkout Upsell by Studio, please check out our MVP Shopify app guide, and if you’re looking for any further information on Checkout Upsell by Studio you can find it in the Shopify app marketplace, and the website here.

If you need help with Shopify, Shopify Plus or Shopify app development, feel free to reach out to Studio now.

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